The Little Red Recorder Amazon Project

With Daniel Gutierrez and Adam King

The Amazon Project

Witness first hand the amazing combination of Daniel's field recordings in Peru, to Adam's audio and orchestral creations from his studio in Michigan. The Little Red Recorder Amazon Project will take you deep into the lush Amazon jungle filled with rich forest sounds, wildlife, midnight rain, and the powerful ceremony of the shamans.

And much, much more.

Little Red Recorder

The Amazon Complete Journey Content

The following is what is included in this 4 hours and 12 minute collection

The Complete Journey
Run Time 48 Minutes

This is the entire atmospheric and orchestral journey. It includes everything from the beginning ride to the river, deep into the jungle, to the final Shaman ritual.

Grounding Storm
Run Time 21 Minutes

The midnight storm rings off in the distance as Daniel stands deep in the jungle. Nightlife also accompanies occasional rain, thunder, and ambient movement.

Etheric Roots
Run Time 20 Minutes

Etheric Roots includes the rich sounds of the afternoon jungle with a background of emotional tonal atmospheric score. Distant thunder can be heard periodically as well.

Healing Earth
Run Time 21 Minutes

A beautiful combination of light jungle atmosphere and transitional soft rain. Accompanied by the relaxing sounds of Adam’s song Earthbound Light.

Morning Embrace
Run Time 20 Minutes

Morning jungle atmosphere with echoing insects, blowing foliage, and evolving euphoric ambient tones.

Morning Hemispheric
Run Time 20 Minutes

The same backdrop as the original Morning Embrace, but with incredibly lush hypnotic and evolving phase, allowing the feeling of swimming in pure light.

The Transition
Run Time 30 Minutes

Running Amazon river, transitioning from rain, to deep forest. The environmental sounds are accompanied by beautiful tonal voices, with echoing bowls and crystalline sounds,

The Transition 2
12 Minute Energy Mix

The same as The Transition simulation, but with faster evolving sounds for a quick energy boost before work, upon waking, or during the afternoon.

Tribal Connect
Run Time 20 Minutes

Rhythmic drums, echoing tribal flutes, and deep emotional orchestra, all backed by light jungle rain, will put you deep into the Amazon experience.

The Sacred Jungle
(Song) Run Time 7:30

The song taken from the main Amazon Journey is what ties the two worlds together. Nylon guitar, beautiful orchestra, and angelic violin.

The Pioneer
(Song) Run Time 6:10

Light hand played drums, vibes, echoing flute, and nylon guitar, all reach into a deeper transition via cello and orchestra.

Into the Amazon
(Song) Run Time 5:32

This is the true heart behind The Amazon collection. Beginning with nylon guitar, this song crescendos into full orchestra as it embraces the soul behind this powerful project.

The Amazon Sampler

Click on the players below to hear Daniel's Simulation explanation and to hear samples from the Amazon Project.


Daniel Gutierrez narrates his experience of The Amazon Journey and more

Connecting to Essence
Verbal and Audio Simulation with Daniel

This studio quality simulation with Daniel will include a short auditory introduction, as he will then share the lessons he’s learned from the shamans at Pumamarca in Peru.

Unconditional Acceptance
Verbal and Audio Simulation with Daniel

This simulation with Daniel will show you how accepting the reality that currently is, can help you get to where you want to be.

Unconditional Forgiveness
Verbal and Audio Simulation with Daniel

This simulation with Daniel shares a deep reflection of how forgiveness is an outside action, for an internal result.

Unconditional Forgiveness
Verbal and Audio Simulation with Daniel

This studio quality simulation will include shamans chanting, as Daniel shares how to leverage gratitude, and how to be less rigid, so one may celebrate life.

Earthbound Light
Run Time 20:00

This beautiful atmospheric song behind Healing Earth, in its original form from Adam’s Earthbound experience.

The Amazon Guidebook
12 Page PDF Guidebook

This guidebook covers the uses of each audio, what to expect, and insights into the Little Red Recorder story.

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The Amazon Journey Complete Audio Journey

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Daniel and Adam

The Amazon Complete Journey Audio Series

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Four Bonus Simulations with Daniel

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